Betting on Golf

Golf is that sport that never seems to have a beginning or an end to the season. It is like soccer. There a lot of value that can be found when betting on golf and is also fun, because just like car racing, there are many options. Any tournament can start with around 70 players, and depending on the tournament being played, making the cut can be a real challenge.

Popular Golf Betting Lines

There are many betting options proposed by bookmakers when betting on golf. Some of the most popular are: final winner, best American golfer, best British golfer, best European golfer, if a player will finish in the top 3, 5, 10 or 20, winner’s margin of victory, who will be the leader at the end of the first day, if the golfer will pass the qualifying cut, a duel of golfers, etc. Of course, there are also handicap bets in golf, always an interesting variant to increase the odds on some betting line that initially pays little and ultimately get more value from your favorite player. Live golf betting is also a great option for experienced and expert bettors.

Analysis and Some Useful Betting Tips

You can look at the golfer’s ratings, which will show you their objective strength, but the current form of the players is more important. Also, consider the fact that golfers may perform better in individual tournaments, as each course is different.

Weather conditions can play a crucial role, since golf tournaments are held in open areas. On a wet course, players with good long-range shots will perform better, and on a dry course, on the contrary, golfers with a technical shot at short distances will come to the fore.

Also, pay attention to the place of the tournament. European players feel more comfortable on their continent, Americans in America, and Asians in Asia. Traveling around the world can have a big effect because climate and time zone changes can cause jetlag and are never good for athletes.

It’s almost always better to bet on favorites in bigger tournaments such as Grand Slam tournaments because they always try to adjust their peak form for these competitions and are motivated to show their maximum potential. The four tournaments that make up a Grand Slam in golf are the Masters Tournament in April, the U.S. Open in June, The (British) Open Championship in July and the PGA Championship in August. In smaller tournaments, usually, the bookmaker’s margin odds are much higher and individual players are often underestimated by the casinos giving them bigger odds, which expert bettor can recognize and take advantage of these lines with great value.

betting on golfChoosing Where to Bet

With all said before, choosing a good and reliable online sports casino is essential for bettors. Here are some features you should look at when you make that decision. With many scammer and fake sites, the first and most important thing is the casino to be legal and have an appropriate license for work, which will show that it is regulated by the gambling commission. That way, you will be sure that your money is on a safe and fair platform. The casino should have a lot of golf betting lines and should cover all golf tournaments. Having a mobile app is very important and convenient for bettors, allowing you to bet from your mobile device from anywhere. One thing that many new bettors underestimate is online bonuses that can make a real difference in their profit. The two most popular types of bonuses are no deposit bonus that gives free bets to players to try the platform of the casino and the welcome bonus that will double or even triple your first real money deposit. And the last thing that any good casino should have is 24/7 customer support that can help you anytime you have some problem.

So that is it. If you follow our betting tips, analysis, and suggestions for picking online casinos, your success in golf betting is inevitable.

Online Casino Games as a Good Substitute for Golf Betting

There’s no denying that online golf betting is full of excitement, but you must have an alternative once the number of golf games and tournaments goes down. To remain in a competitive spirit, feel free to check out top10 casinos, where besides great betting odds on golf, you will find a plethora of thrilling casino games. As far as the casino bonuses go, you will find many no deposit bonus codes, free spins for slots, reload promos for frequent depositors, and much more. Compared to betting rewards on golf, online casinos have way more promotions on offer, each tailored to help players on their journey.

Unlike golf tournaments that are hosted a few times a year, online casino games are not going anywhere. The show must go on – if your favorite golf tournament gets canceled, casino games will be here to make your day better! In fact, if you’re keen on the thrill that comes from golf betting, you may find the progressive jackpots to be great substitutes. Progressives have the biggest rewards from all other casino games, and there’s a possibility to walk out as a millionaire!